Samsung DLP Lamp BP96-01854A How-To BARE Color Wheel Replacement Guide

For Part Number: BP96-01854A (Color Wheel)

Tools Required: Standard Philips & Flathead screwdrivers, Pair of Pliers, A new Color Wheel

Time Required: About 2-4 hours

Abstract: This guide is being published to show how easy it is to replace your original Samsung Color Wheel for Television models HLT4675S, HLT5075S, HLT5675S and other Samsung DLP TVs.

This guide is being published to show how easy it is to replace your original Samsung Color Wheel for Television models

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What else can cause a "Lamp" light to go on even though I've replaced my lamp with a new one?

1. Defective Lamp
2. Defective Color Wheel
3. Defective Ballast (For symptoms and replacement guide of your ballast please click here)
4. Defective Main Power Supply

What are the main symptoms of a bad Color Wheel?

1. The TV gives a "Lamp Replacement" code when powering on the TV even when the lamp has been replaced.
2. The TV does not make a "Click" noise or "Surge" when pressing the power button. The click noise is one of the fastest ways to decide whether the ballast or other components of your TV are bad rather than the lamp.
3. The TV makes rapid "Clicking" noises (3-5 clicks every 2-3 seconds). This means that your ballast is weak and can not fire the lamp.

What you'll need :

1. Standard Philips head precision screwdriver
2. A new Color Wheel specific to your television
3. 5 minutes of your time.

IMPORTANT: Lamps, bulbs, and parts should be handled with a clean cloth at all times to avoid any dirt or oil. Our hands are naturally oily…this is a no-no for these lamps. It doesn’t hurt to do a final wipe with a clean, non-abrasive, lint free cloth before reinstalling your lamp. Discharge yourself from any electro-static charge before working on your television. Once you've gotten your color wheel out, we'll go ahead and replace that part only.

Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Here's a picture of a bad Color Wheel. Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A As you can see, it's been shattered and will need to be replaced.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Here it is a side angle shot... Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A ...
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A We begin by removing the first of 3 screws. Be sure to use a precision screwdriver with a good handle... It may be a bit tight! Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Now we move onto the second screw.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A And now the third and final screw will be removed while holding the bad colorwheel in order to prevent it from falling. Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Keep the screws handy as we'll be using those again shortly.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Thread the wire through the square hole to remove the color wheel... Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A You'll be putting it through this hole when you replace the color wheel part.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Grab a new color wheel--making sure it's the same model for your television. Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Thread the wires through the same square hole.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Here is a different angle of the installation procedure. Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A  
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Now we pull the flex cable through in order to mount the colorhweel. Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A We begin by laying the colorwheel base on its side and replacing the first screw.
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A Now the second screw. Be really careful no to touch the glass on the colorwheel as your fingerprints will affect the image! Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A And finally the last screw!
Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A There you go! Samsung Colorwheel BP96-01854A You're done!


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